5 Essential Door Color Ideas

14 Jul 5 Essential Door Color Ideas

The color you choose for your front door ultimately defines your house in terms of class, style and taste. There are several front door color ideas that you can choose from – however, they should fit in with the overall palette of your home.

Choosing your front door color will depend on the color of your house, your preferences, and how you’ve decorated your front yard, porch or entrance. The decoration around the door including external frames and arches matters too.


The Red Brick House –Brick houses vary in color depending on iron content used to make them and the temperature as well. Brick red is a deep color, hence you cannot use any shade of red if elegance is what you’re out for.


The White House- With a home exterior featuring bright white, you can also choose polite front door colors like blue skies, lime green, coral, and pale pink. These will depend on other factors like your porch décor.


The Bright White Door – A bright white door always blends with a bright white exterior pediment door. Add a well-patterned arch to it and you have yourself an elegantly defined home.

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