Welcome Back The Wet Bar

21 Apr Welcome Back The Wet Bar

The little bar makes a big comeback. The nostalgia’s and the modernists among us are excited to see the wet bar return, so here are just a few examples of some of our favorites.


Coffee Meets Wet bar – This integrated space is part coffee bar and part wet bar. This bar goes from morning to evening and is convenient while still being separate enough to be out of the way of cooking and cleaning.


Outdoor Bar – Never underestimate the power of an outdoor bar. This simple addition to your patio can turn your yard into the party central of the neighborhood. It also invites friends and family, to stay and chat while

You work on the perfect burger or steak.


Wine and Dine Wet bar – This is a great example of the multi-task modern wet bar. It’s convenient to the kitchen and the dining room.


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