Simplifying Your Garage

05 Dec Simplifying Your Garage

For many homeowners, your garage can pose a special challenge for creating a well-organized, livable space. But with a little extra care, your garage can be used for more than just a long-term storage unit and you may actually be able to squeeze in your car! In most cases, garages are typically un-insulated, which means it will never be a four-season room, and in some cases it has limited electrical capacity, which can also mean it’s often cluttered immediately with extension cords. By taking the time to add insulation and proper electrical outfitting, you can immediately start off on the right foot with your garage. Start off your Holiday season with a new, organized garage. It’s excellent motivation for keeping it organized and a more simplified life. Balducci Additions & Remodeling can create the perfect space for you and all your belongings, call us today for a free estimate at (804)730-0982

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