Ceramic Flooring in Your Whole Home

12 Sep Ceramic Flooring in Your Whole Home

Ceramic flooring has been around for a while but recent years have seen a big trend in ceramic flooring moving out from just the kitchen and bathrooms to cover shared living spaces as well.

There are may benefits to ceramic flooring and the wide variety of styles can complement any home design. With modern molding, ceramics can be pressed into many different styles and designs including mimicking the look of hardwood flooring.


Ceramics have many benefits including being easier to clean, longer lasting, more resistant to microbes, and more versatile in form. An area rug can be placed over the flooring for spaces where a little more cushion is desired. Ceramic flooring has a couple of advantages and disadvantages over hardwood. One major advantage is that it is stain resistant and water resistant. Spilling something on ceramic flooring is not an issue because of its impermeability. A second advantage is the versatility. With so many color and style options, ceramic flooring can be specifically tailored to the concept of your room. One of the disadvantages of ceramic vs hardwood is that you can not resurface ceramic. When hardwood starts to show its age, you can have it sanded and resurfaced to look like new again. With ceramic, the tile itself would need to be replaced however, ceramic is very durable and does not show wear as easily as hardwood.

Ultimately it will be up to your own preference and ho you intend to use the space, but ceramic flooring should definitely be considered. In the right application it can make a great statement while also being highly functional and pleasing.

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