4 Home Renovation Projects That Don’t Increase Your Resale Value

05 Jun 4 Home Renovation Projects That Don’t Increase Your Resale Value

While any home renovation project that adds value to your way of living is worth the investment, some projects may not be worth the money if your goal is to add resale value. Some of these projects might be priceless to certain homeowners; however, if you plan on moving within the next few years we recommend skipping these updates.


State of the Art Kitchen Remodel

While kitchens are typically one of the most sought after home renovation projects, overdoing it can cost you. Commercial grade appliances and top of the line countertops and tiles may be appealing, but too much of it can detract potential buyers. Selecting finishes and appliances that appeal to a broader range of people will give you more bang for your buck.


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A Sunroom Addition

While many potential buyers may yearn over the thought of a sunroom, these window-filled rooms can increase the cost of your heating and cooling bills. As you may know, windows are not the best insulators. This means that a sunroom addition would raise energy costs in the summer and winter months, which can be a turn off for buyers. However, this may not be the case if you live in an area or neighborhood with houses that typically have sunrooms.


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Extensive Landscaping and Flowers

A home can look much more inviting by keeping a well manicured lawn and maintained siding and windows. Complete the look by including some tasteful landscaping; however, don’t go overboard. A tropical oasis in your backyard may “wow” any guests that comes through, but at the same time this can overwhelm some buyers. When it comes to landscaping, less is often more. This includes a few flowering shrubs, a flagstone walkway, a couple of planters, and fresh mulch.


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A Custom Home Office

We understand the need for a separate home office space for those who work from home; however, most homeowners can agree that a separate room for a home office is unnecessary. Plus, technology is constantly changing. Thus, investing in advanced wiring and custom home components (such as built-ins for computers, printers, and the like) is not the wisest investment for your money. A simple desk and desk chair set up will do.


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