Kitchen Design Trend: Blue Cabinets

26 Apr Kitchen Design Trend: Blue Cabinets

Blue cabinets have been making a scene in kitchen designs recently. If you love the look of painted cabinets, it might be time to give blue a try.


blue cabinets kitchen renovation

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For many years white kitchen (and bathroom) cabinets has taken center stage in design trends. They are well known for their clean and classic appeal. White cabinets can help to brighten any space and can even help to make a kitchen look larger. Not only can they make a space appear larger, white is a great cabinet color option since it is so versatile. White cabinetry can complement several design styles seamlessly since it is a neutral color.


For many years, white cabinets dominated the scene. That was until a few years ago when gray became the new “it” color. Gray cabinets, like white cabinets, are neutral and can work well with many designs. Gray especially works for cabinet colors since wood cabinets are an otherwise “warm” material. The color also saw a huge jump in popularity since it works with almost any color scheme. However, if gray is not incorporated correctly it come across as “sterile” and “lifeless.”


Fortunately, there is a new cabinet color trend in the design world: blue. Blue is a breath of fresh air compared to the neutral whites and grays. Blue cabinets can go well with practically any design style-from traditional, to farmhouse, to modern. They also add a sense of calm to any space. We predict that part of the reason why blue cabinets are increasing in popularity is because blue is an extremely versatile color. Blue hues range from navy, periwinkle, turquoise, sky blue, robin’s egg, and blue-gray.


blue cabinets kitchen renovation

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To avoid overloading your kitchen with too much color, you can always include the hue in designated areas. For example, you can include a bright blue cabinet for the kitchen island and choose a traditional color for the wall cabinets. A more modern option would be to include the blue color for the lower cabinets and include open shelves in place of the upper cabinets. This helps to lighten up any space and keeps any space from being too overwhelmed by a particular color.


Even though blue cabinets are a relatively new design trend, we hope that they stick around for a while. What do you think about the new color trend?


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