Bathroom Tile Trends for 2017

12 Apr Bathroom Tile Trends for 2017

We all know that remodeling your bathroom is a great investment for your home. While bathroom renovations may be pricey, you can see a huge pay off and added value to your home if done correctly. Creating an aesthetically pleasing bathroom is all about choosing a working layout, selecting quality materials and appliances, and combining interesting textures, colors, and shapes throughout the room. A great way to incorporate fun shapes and colors are through your tile selection. While subway tiles are a classic, there are many other options available that will be sure to make a statement in any room. Here are some of the top bathroom tile trends for 2017:


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Fish Scale Tiles

fish scale tile bathroom tile trend

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Fish scale tile is definitely causing a scene in the design world. The ocean-inspired tiles can add a calming element to any bathroom. While we may attribute fish scales with cool greens and blues, fish scale tiles are available in endless colors and sizes. If you want to shy away from too much color, fish scale tiles can be paired easily with more traditional and simple designs by choosing neutral tile and grout colors.


Wood-Look Tiles

wood look bathroom tile

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While wood look tile may not be a “new” trend, we believe that it is a trend that will continue to climb in popularity in 2017 and beyond. This flooring option is not only popular in bathrooms, it is also becoming more common in kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, and more. They are the perfect option for those who love the look of hardwood floors, but hate the upkeep. We recommend installing wood-look tiles in interesting patterns, such as herringbone or chevron, to create interest.


Geometric Tiles

geometric tile bathroom tile

Photo: Firenza Stone

Geometric tiles can range from angular patterns with sharp lines, to more curved and floral-like patterns. When paired with simple and classic tiles, graphic tiles add a level of excitement to any space. The variety of shapes, colors, and patterns makes this trend suitable for any design style. One of the biggest trends in geometric design right now are hexagonal tiles; however, other shapes such as triangles, stars, and circles are also chic tile choices. They are a bold choice, yet can be incorporated beautifully in small spurts to avoid overwhelming the space.


Penny Tiles

penny tile bathroom tiles

Photo: Decoist

Penny tile has been on the rise (again) in recent years. They originally debuted in the early 1900’s due to its durability and ease to clean. Penny tiles are typically offered in small circles, also called penny rounds, as well as square and hex shapes. Since they are small, penny tiles can help to make a small bathroom appear larger. As a bonus, penny tiles are a great bathroom tile option since they are relatively easy to install. While they are typically installed in black and white patterns, brighter colors are becoming more popular.

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