Is a Garage Addition Worth the Investment?

26 Oct Is a Garage Addition Worth the Investment?

Garage additions are becoming more popular. They can be used to store your cars, tools, or provide room for a work space. When building a garage addition, some factors that largely determine the cost are: size and materials. The size of a garage addition can vary greatly considering the variety of car sizes on the market today. Another element that factors into the size of an addition is storage. Some homeowners prefer to have just the amount of storage needed for tools, paint, and other miscellaneous items needed for the home. Others plan on using a garage for storage space and work space alike. Generally, 2-car garages are more popular among home buyers than 1 car garages. The price of a garage can also vary depending on if it is attached or detached. Detached garages offer more flexibility in size and location than attached garages. Detached garages can also be a safer option since it can stop carbon monoxide from reaching your family since it is away from your home.


Cost vs. Value Report:

2016 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine

2016 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine

The data from Remodeling Magazine displays the average cost vs. value for a garage addition, which includes:

“Construct a 26-by-26-foot freestanding two-car garage, including footings and slab-on-grade foundation, 2×4 wood frame with OSB structural sheathing, and gable truss roof at 6/12 pitch. Install 25-year asphalt shingle roofing with galvanized metal flashing; vinyl siding and trim. Install five double-hung 30-by-48-inch vinyl windows; one 3-0/6-8 exterior door with half-glass and lockset; and two composite 9-by-8-foot overhead doors with motorized openers. Include 100-amp breaker at main house panel and 50 linear feet of trench buried conduit to feed new electrical subpanel. Provide electrical wiring for openers; three-way switching for fluorescent ceiling fixtures over each bay; three-way switching for two exterior spotlights; outlets to code. Interior wall, floors, and ceilings remain unfinished.”

As you can see from the chart above, the cost for building a garage addition has gone up in cost. However, the cost v. value for 2015 was at 64.8%. As always, the cost of any home improvement project depends on how often the space is utilized. If your family could benefit from having a safe place to store your cars or belongings, then consider Balducci Additions & Remodeling for your garage addition project.  Visit .


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