New Flooring = New Space

22 Jul New Flooring = New Space

The one component of every room in your home requires maintenance and eventual replacement is flooring. Unlike walls and ceilings, floors are expected to withstand traffic, movement of furniture, moisture, and Impacts. Not only do floors have to maintain appearance, but they are judged based on their sound, how they feel under foot, even their smell! There are many options for flooring materials. Some are as old as time while others are relatively new. Rather than direct comparison, let’s look at what factors you should be considering when deciding between flooring options.

Appeal – Appearance is obvious right? But today there are several options that can give roughly the same appearance, often for less money.

Use – While you have multiple options for almost any living space, some practicality is required here. Given the price of any new flooring, take the time to thoughtfully consider how the floor in any given space is used and what it encounters on a daily basis.

Longevity – Better materials equals a longer lifespan. When comparing choices of material to one another, longevity has a great impact on their relative cost.

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