Six Design Components For A Vacation Style Home

28 May Six Design Components For A Vacation Style Home

Over the years, how has your home transformed? Are there rooms you use more than others? Are you looking to build or renovate? These are important questions when looking to create your own vacation retreat inside your home.

The following six concepts will help you take the mystery out of building or remodeling and create a fully functional custom home design that makes you feel like you’re on vacation all year-round.

Balance – Make sure your custom home design doesn’t dedicate more effort and time into one part of the home as the home needs to function as one.

Open Concept – An open concept floor plan makes use of each room within the home, so the house flows smoothly and feels open and inviting.

Clean Views – Your vacation style design should have a clear view to the outdoor spaces of your home and the multiple indoor/outdoor transitional spaces.

Natural Light – Make sure windows are placed appropriately in the most important gathering areas of your home.

Simple Lines – Your design should have simple lines and details that make you feel relaxed and at ease.

Natural Materials – Include natural materials that are genuine and authentic. Natural materials are beautiful to look at, touch, feel and really grab your attention.


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