Projects To Consider Before Thanksgiving

15 Nov Projects To Consider Before Thanksgiving

Fix Major Home Appliances 

From turkey dinners to Christmas cookies, the holiday season is a busy time for most kitchens. A trained professional can diagnose and repair a problem in a major appliance for possibly far less than the cost of a replacement.


Seal Gaps and Add Insulation 

Nothing makes a home more uncomfortable during the winter than a nagging, chilly draft. Consider a home energy audit that includes a review of your home’s caulking and weather stripping.

Repair or Replace Siding 

Let Balducci Exteriors replace your siding before the harsh days of winter magnify any exterior blemishes. Some new siding even comes with added insulation, which can help bundle up your home for winter.

Roof Repair

Winter can aggravate even the smallest roof leaks. Any leaks in a homes roof should be fixed in advance of the first snow fall.


Winterize Faucets and Sprinklers 

Most exterior plumbing in areas with temperature below freezing must be winterized to prevent freezing and bursting.


  Replace Windows 

Balducci Exteriors has years of knowledge with window replacement. Let us swap your current windows for something more energy efficient that will increase your comfort level while decreasing your heating bills.


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