5 Warning Signs That You Need Window Replacement

24 Oct 5 Warning Signs That You Need Window Replacement

5 Warning Signs That You Need Window Replacement

1. Faulty window operation

The formation of rust and rot may also factor into this, indicating that your existing windows are nearing the end of their service life

2.Excessive Window Condensation

Condensation can mean that your current windows glazing and fall fill losing their effectiveness due to failing seals, it’s easy for moisture to find it’s way between the glass panes, forming condensation.

3. Recurring Presence of Cold Drafts

If you feel a draft wherever you’re close to your windows, it can mean that their seals are wearing off. This compromises your homes thermal stability, putting extra load on your HVAC system and leading to higher energy bills.

4. Audible Outside Noise

Do you hear every car horn, dog bark, and other traffic  noises from your home? It might be time to invest in a window replacement from Balducci Exteriors.

5. Decay and Water Damage on Window Frames

Age and extreme weather can be harsh on your windows. In fact, they might sustain enough damage that window repairs just won’t cut it. If your existing units have cracks, broken glass, chipping, and mold and decay, replace them already!!


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