The Importance of Siding

07 Oct The Importance of Siding

Did you know siding could save you money? By upgrading to energy efficient siding this will help lower your energy bill. The siding to your home serves a very important purpose much like insulation. Besides enhancing your homes curb appeal and bringing value to your home; it helps protect and shield from harsh weather conditions. Below are three popular options on energy efficient sidings. Interested in updating your current siding?Call us today for a free estimate at (804)730-0982.   

Different Types of Siding:

  1. Wood Siding – Cedar siding is one of the most popular siding choices, and not just for its energy efficiency. Cedar siding has an attractive exterior, better protection from the elements and it’s eco-friendly as it is biodegradable and requires minimal processing and treatment. It is also a great insulator as it prevents the loss of warm air during winter and keeps in the cooler air during summer.
  2. Fiber Cement Siding – Fiber cement is made of wood fibers that have been mixed with sand and cement. This siding is thicker than other siding and has the ability to withstand extreme weather such as strong wind and hail. It does not require refreshing as often as wood siding as the paint lasts longer from the time of installation.
  3. Vinyl Siding – For those in Maryland and Virginia area, vinyl siding will generally be the most popular choice. Vinyl is known for its ability to withstand the harsh elements, and it can perfectly mimic the look of many types of cladding including stone, wood and slate, for a fraction of the cost.
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